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Generatorslf you're considering a standby backup generator for your home or business in New Hampshire, you'll be delighted with the expertise, professionalism and service you receive from Master Electric.

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The Standby Generator Difference:

Whole house standby generators can be an excellent choice if your family or business would be severely disrupted by a power loss. Our systems are set up to switch over automatically to generator power upon any kind of power disruption.

They can be especially useful for:

Family Living: If you have very young or elderly family members that would be put under a considerable strain if they lost power for a prolonged period of time or during cold weather.

Health and Quality of Life: People that rely on electricity to maintain their health or quality of life should consider a backup power option.

Weather Events: Severe weather events including ice and storms can bring down power lines. If you live in an isolated area it may take many days before power is restored by the utility company. During recent weather events even metro areas have been left without power for over a week.

Essential for Business: If your business would be severely impaired by a loss of power, choosing a backup generator may save you lost revenues or loss of stock.

Why Master Electric?

Hear From Our Customers

We are the standby generator experts, experienced at helping customers choose the right generator for their needs and their home or business.

All of our work is backed by satisfaction guaranteed service from licensed and expert electricians. Your new system will also be backed by a written warranty that covers the workmanship and the system itself.

For all your standby generator questions and needs in Southern New Hampshire call and speak with Master Electric today.

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